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What I Want: Setting Intention

What an absolutely incredible week! In the past 7 days so many huge things have happened, here are the highlights: America voted in a new president; I took a small trip to crazy town (and back) on account of worries that dozens of copies of my book got lost in the post (they didn't); someone I love very much was discharged from the clinic that has been helping her for the past year (this actually matter the most to me); Handmade Hong Kong (my other job) successfully held a live event for the first time since February; I have a fantastic week with Pathways.

I am So thankful for all of these things. I'm feeling more hopeful than I have in some time.

One of the Pathways sessions this week was about literary agents. We were all advised to keep our websites as our main hub for all activity, and then to get the socials in order so as to represent ourselves as professionally as possible. It was interesting to me that the agent concerned encouraged blogging. She said it's good to let people see the person behind the professional 'brand'. I am 99% sure she meant to keep the focus on illustration development work, but I am taking the nudge to get blogging more regularly in order to arrive at a slightly more defined state. Probably. Maybe.

I loved the movie Julie and Julia because I really liked the way Julie set herself the challenge of cooking through the cookbook in one year. Such a clear and definable challenge! I admire it because I'm not so good at that. My life & work is more like a long and drawn out process of elimination. Never mind. I am, however, closer to knowing what I want and what I am trying to achieve than I have been in a long time.

So here it is, my intention, my challenge, my goals. I would like to:

1) To work, based mainly at home in order to always be available to my family.

2) To continue with life writing.

3) To establish myself as a working illustrator/illustrator-writer in children's books.

These goals will be the focus of my blog.

I will endeavour to blog weekly at least, and to get my social media in order. Soon.

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