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Star Institute Sensory Stories

Last month I had the privilege of creating the pictures for a series of stories for #sensoryawarenessmonth

The stories and character briefs were written by Virginia Spielmann, the Executive Director and Star Institute. She came to me with the idea of creating these fictional characters to represent case study-like examples of some of the sorts of sensory processing challenges that people from all walks of life can face.

These characters included Laura, a young girl with Dyspraxia, who was failing kindergarten; Matteo, a seemingly inconsolable baby; Bess, an under-responsive mother. If you click on the banner below you can read about all of the characters, their challenges, and also the actions that help them.

I was also honoured to be featured in a separate blog post about the project. You can see that by clicking on the banner below:

I really enjoyed this project, and am continuing to work on commissions from them. This area of sensory needs is still relatively young and I believe so many more people could benefit from better awareness and sensory education. I'm excited to see what we are able to achieve with these characters!

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